Armand’s Hope on

Ten Hut!

We have opened a store on CafePress with t-shirts, bibs, sweatshirts, etc. The store itself will be fluid with new designs every so often. If you would like to contribute a design, please let me know, and we will post the design here.

Shop here. Please share the store with your friends as well. Even if you don’t see anything you’d like, someone else may.

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4 Responses to Armand’s Hope on

  1. Jackie says:

    hey Ive been trying to buy something from this and it tells me the link is not valid?!?!? can you help?

  2. Debbie Rogers says:

    Hi Tim,
    Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know my prayers include your family. I cannot imagine what life is like for you but you have a very unique ability in your writing to help others to try and get a glimpse into your daily life. It is a blessing to see how you pull yourself back in at times and capture this moment and this day. We all need to have the talent to refocus our thoughts and our joys. I will continue to pray for all of you and look forward to reading your blogs about your beautiful loving son.
    In trying to access the shop I had a little trouble if you can redirect me that would be appreciated.


  3. Bubble's Dad says:

    My apologies. I hadn’t gotten any hits on the store as of this morning, and needed to make some major edits, so I took it down to work on it later today. The store should be back up and working just fine, with a lot of new items and the design shown above has been tweaked in a way I think is much better. Thank you!!

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