Living in a bubble, with a Bubble

Look what I found!

I’ve been thinking the past week or so about how oddly lucky we are. Sometimes when initially faced with a tragedy, your only focus (sometimes rightly) is on your own situation. Between co-ordinating doctor’s visits, medical travel, fundraising, this blog, therapies, etc., you start concerning yourself with what can be, what will be, what might be, and forget about what is. You sort of live in your own bubble. Again, that’s not a bad thing, focus is needed to help propel yourself through the emotional rollercoaster.

I was brought back to reality a little bit with what is going on in Japan, not only with the earthquake and tsunami, but the nuclear reactor and the continuing strong aftershocks. Watching video and looking images puts things into a little bit of perspective. Let me explain.

Armand is still here. He’s still “him”. For a time, he will still grow and develop, and we will see more of “him” in the coming months and years as he develops his speech and we get to hear the goofy funny insightful thoughts he will have and does have already. He is still going to share himself with us, with his laugh, his hugs, his flirty looks, his excitment, wonder, and curiosity.

I chatted with a friend last night who lost his son to a drunk driver when he was just a few months old. He said he never really got much of a chance to bond with him, and that really struck me. He lost his son in the blink of an eye; similar to those who lost friends and family during the tsunami. Other parents never even get a chance to meet their children. It goes to prove the old adage that no matter how bad things seem, someone else is having a tougher time. So instead of worrying about what things will be like 3, 4, 8, 10 years down the line, I’m trying to enjoy the time now while he’s still “him”. The doctors have said that most likely down the line, he will lose the ability to communicate, or even lose the ability to understand communication, and that’s scary. But for now, I need to step outside of the bubble, and enjoy the little Bubble and what he’s offering.

In other news, this coming Sunday, we will be celebrating his birthday with our family — he spent last weekend with his Nana and Papa and Lindy’s family in Michigan. I will definately post pictures when we get them. Also, Armand is closer to getting his walker. He’s practiced with it in physical therapy for a few weeks, and has really taken to it. It’s actually a reverse walker that he has to pull instead of push, helping him keep balance and build some strength. We also had a meet & greet with one of his speech therapists yesterday morning, working through Help Me Grow, and naturally she took to Armand in seconds, as soon as he flashed his smile.

I also once again wanted to thank the people who read this blog daily, and those who have contributed in some manner — not just financially, but sharing thoughts, prayers, ideas, helping with fundraisers, offering consolation, and spreading the word about the blog and donations. I refraing from naming names, because I’m 100% sure I will forget someone I shouldn’t.

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