Can the kid catch a break?

So, in between all of his doctor’s appointments, travelling, getting poked and prodded, being put into sedation, and his muscle biopsy, the little man’s immune system may have been hammered.  He barely had a sniffle his first 20 or so months, but the last couple have been rough.

Since a few weeks before his birthday, he’s had 2 bouts of pink eye, 2 ear infections, an upper respiratory infection, croup, a fever that for several days bounced between 100.6 and 102, and some congestion that would not go away.

This has affected his new joy in life: walking around outside.  When the weather started to clear and get a little warmer, at least into the 60’s here, we started going for walks out around my apartment complex, at Cox Arboretum, and at Grandpa’s.  After just one time out, he began to look for his coat or sweatshirt and attempt to put it on himself, and once on he’d point to the door as if to say “I want to go for a walk now”.  It’s pretty cool that he’s found something he loves this much, and it’s visible on his face how much of a blast he has doing it.  There have been a few times when he really gets going with his balance and is able to walk a good distance, that he gets a real empowered look on his face as if to say “I’m doing it! I’m doing it! Look at me go!”  I’m always proud to be his father, but those moments I’m just proud for him.

He sticks to the sidewalk because the uneven terrain of the grass still is a challenge for him, but it’s amazing how far he’s come from last summer when he could barely take a few steps without falling. He still holds one or both of my hands, or I’m following a step behind him like a big Daddy-shaped shadow.  And his facination with cars takes hold and he walks up to nearly each one to poke at the lights or the grill, but is met with a quick “That’s not Daddy’s car buddy, let’s keep going”; and then it’s on to the next car.  We’ve met a few neighbors out walking their dogs (and he’s gotten a few licks to the face [awwwwwwwwww!]), and he’s learning not to walk into the parking lot, “stay on the curb, buddy”.

He’s home-bound the last week or so, and for the next week or so, while he recovers from his latest bout of sickness.  He’s even been too weak and lethargic at times to grab his sweatshirt.  But soon we’ll be back in action, and I can’t look forward to it enough.

On the donation front, we’ve had to successful fundraisers in Michigan (in Lindy’s hometown of Bay City), with two local (Dayton-area) ones in May.  Information for both can be found on the Donations page.  Thank you one and all for your help so far.

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