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I haven’t written much lately, I do admit, partially because we have moved from “what the heck is going on and how do we stop it slash deal with it” into “okay we need to raise some money some how some way how do we do that?” mode. I am preparing a new post (I sometimes work out the subject matter in my head just a bit before typing it out), but for now I just need to let all the readers know that Armand’s Hope is now on facebook with an official page:  There you will be able to get quick information on fundraisers, share ideas, see pictures, make sure to get the latest blog posts, and all links related to the little guy.

Also, if anyone has any experience either playing in or putting together a 5k run or golf outing, I am definately interesting in hearing from you, as we would like to get moving on something akin to that either late this year or early next year.

On a more medical front, his physical therapist is experimenting with not having Lindy or I actually go back with him during his therapy, because for the last few weeks he’s spent more time looking for hugs and wanting to be held than actually playing and working.  We tried it today and he did fantastic, at the end rolling on through with the walker he’s been trying out during therapy with a huge accomplished smile on his face.  We’re still in a holding pattern as far as a walker to take home, in case he needs something bigger with more support, or if we can get a loaner or donated walker for the time being.  The main therapist that he works with, Rebecca, has done a LOT of legwork for us in getting in contact with people back and forth to not only make things happen, but make sure it’s the right thing for him.

Lastly, if anyone knows someone with United Health Care who would like to give them a kick in the pants regarding his speech therapy and the possible AIM therapy in Minnesota, please feel free.

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