Here we go again

The eagle has landed.  Back in the saddle again.  Once again back is the incredible.  The boy is back in town.  Fly Hard 3: Fly Hard With A Vengence.  Whatever euphemism you like, we’re here safely.

For those that know, Bubble broke with tradition.

We did receive compliments from those around us on both flights on what a goooood boy he was.  After our first flight into Atlanta, a lady told us how much she enjoyed our interactions with him, that she thought to herself “what good parents”.  To which I replied “yeah, I get that a lot”.

Ok I didn’t, but I thought it.

Anyway, we start tomorrow with a consultation with the doctors, and his spinal tap, mri, etc., will be tuesday.

See you on the next episode of “As The Bubble Turns”.

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One Response to Here we go again

  1. Paxton T King says:

    Writing from Western Wisconsin. I have a 7 month old daughter with GM-1 (zero beta Galactosidase activity). We’ve been to see Dr. Orchard in Minnesota and visit Mayo Clinic bi monthly to track the disease progress. Curious who is treating your son – I’m interested in a consultation with them. &

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