So He Can Hear Me, He Just Chooses To Ignore Me

Armand had his hearing test today at the hospital, first one he’s had since he got his hearing aids almost a year ago. His hearing has not gotten worse,… in fact in a few cases, his low-tone hearing is almost within the normal range. I noticed on the chart some minor improvement in measurements of mid-range and higher tone hearing, although they still lie in the moderate to severe. The improvements were very small, and there’s not enough for me to say anything is getting better (it won’t), but really at this point it’s the small things.

Also, I received a letter in the mail the other day from the office of Rep. Mike Turner, the Congressman for my local district, pledging support for the Creating Hope Act as it moves through committee. So, again, it’s the small victories.

We have a couple of fundraisers coming up, full information coming along soon (hopefully over the weekend), mainly centered around Rare Disease Day (Feb 29th), and Armand’s birthday (March 18th). Can’t believe he’s going to be 3!

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3 Responses to So He Can Hear Me, He Just Chooses To Ignore Me

  1. Your a wonderful Daddy don’t ever forget that 🙂 Every night I say a prayer for you and Armond. Just don’t let go of HOPE

    • Bubble's Dad says:

      Thank you so much, knowing people like you are out there makes a difference for us. Dustyn reminds me of Armand, in that he goes through a lot but doesn’t let go of his smile 🙂

  2. Sherril Caviness says:

    Your little son has been on my heart all night and this morning early. I am praying that God will give you and Armand and his mommy, strength, courage and comfort.


    Sherril Caviness

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