Getting some Pub for the Bub

Just got back from recording an interview with Kim Faris from 94.5 FM here in Dayton to talk about Armand’s story, and promote Rare Disease Day and the Creating Hope Act. I’d like to thank Kim for the opportunity to tell my son’s story, and chat about his treatment, Rare Disease awareness and hopefully plant seeds for local support in a large way. I’d also like to thank my mom for putting it all together and being a champion for Armand. The interview itself will air on Wednesday at 8:40 am, so those locally can tune in — those of you outside our local area can tune in at or on your I ❤ Radio app on your smartphone.

Also, I will be speaking in front of the Dayton City Commission on Wednesday evening in support of Rare Disease Day, and get an official proclamation from the Mayor in support.

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One Response to Getting some Pub for the Bub

  1. Wow this is wonderful news!!! Congrats on the great Awareness. Also a huge shout out to Armand’s CHAMPION ❤

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