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Nothin’ But A G-Tube Thang, Baby.

It’s time. Armand’s had such a decline and such a tough time over the past 6 months that we’re going ahead with plans to put him on a feeding tube. The medicines he is on, and the episodes he’s been … Continue reading

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After about a week on the Klonopin, Armand’s still having major issues with drowsiness, cause as a side effect of the drug, and as part of the postictal phase coming out of an episode (seizures still sound so harsh to … Continue reading

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In Layman’s Terms

Without having the full extent of the results back (some of his major results like his enzyme and mucopolysaccharide* levels needed to be sent out to a special lab, could take a couple weeks to get them back), the news seems … Continue reading

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Heck. Yes.

Aaand also Armand had his neuropsych evaluation this morning.  We opted to learn the actual results via the reports they send to our respective abodes.  It’s kind of hard to hear how your son is declining, especially when you really … Continue reading

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Eye See You [Update: We’re OUT!]

Long story short –we’re stuck here for another night.

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Sleep? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Sleep!

So, Jefe did not sleep very well last night.  After a day of not eating much but a few bites of avocado and yogurt, and a day of being knocked out by either episodes or anesthesia, he had a very … Continue reading

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Day 3 Update and Review So Far

First of all, Armand made it through the surgery today just fine.  No complications as of yet, and he came out of anesthesia better and more calm than he’s ever done before.  However, overall it’s taking longer (he’s still not … Continue reading

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