Happy 4th of July from Armand

We spent our day today paying tribute to America the best way we knew how – by taking advantage of the great American invention, central air conditioning. He’s been really uncomfortable in the heat lately, so we lounged on the couch watching educational shows and Cheers re-runs on Netflix. His episodes have been bad lately, in numbers at least — I lost track of the total amount today, and he spent most of the time between 8am and 4pm on this schedule: wake up smiling, lounge, take sips of medicated drinks, have an episode, nap. But we did finally just about get all his medicine in him and 3 decent meals, and overall the last few hours today were really good.

We leave on Sunday morning to head back to Minnesota to get some more answers, see where we stand with things (if at all), and hopefully see some brightness somewhere. Wish us luck.

Obligatory “I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again” reference here.

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