We’re Here.

We’ve arrived here in Minneapolis for the week of festivities. No major issues during the trip aside from my now annual tradition of having some sort of soap product open in my suitcase, coating my clothes in smell-goods (this year my body wash, last year my shampoo). Armand mostly slept — the he barely woke up during the first leg from Dayton to Chicago, just long enough to have a minor “episode” on the plane and fall back asleep.

I present to you Lord Snugglsby, Earl of Dystonia.

For those in the know, the tradition stands albeit a little late — not until we were safe and sound at the gate in Chicago. Also at the gate, he had a few bites of French Toast, had another episode, and fell back asleep until we were on the plane.

From there my memory gets a little hazy, mostly because I was knocked clean out, but apparently he was awake and happily munching away for most of the second flight but with about 15 minutes left he had his third episode of the morning, and is now (approx. 2.5 hours later) still crashed out in his PJ’s.

We were thankfully able to check into the hotel early, and found out we can take a free shuttle to and from the hospital. We have appointments scheduled for nearly every day, starting with a meeting with Drs. Utz and Whitley tomorrow at 2pm.

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One Response to We’re Here.

  1. Nancy Snyder says:

    Thinking of you. love, Nancy

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