Eye See You [Update: We’re OUT!]

Long story short –we’re stuck here for another night.

“Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.” — HAL 9000

We did our best, but our best wasn’t good enough, and 24 hours was not enough time to collect all of our data.  So we’re staying here in the room attached to all-seeing lie detector for another night.  We are, however, guaranteed release at 8am tomorrow morning.

We were detached from the video feed this morning just in time to head across the street to the Riverside Building to meet with Dr. Bothan and talk about Armand’s eyes.  We’re unsure about his vision exactly, because after the rough night sleeping, the distractions of his fishenet helmet, and still recovering from yesterday’s events, he wasn’t particularly attentive.  However, structurally, his eyes are really good, no negative changes from our November visit, and we should only need to do exams annually unless we see some difference.  He will still get photographs taken during spinal taps so that we can check for structural changes.

So now we’re waiting on someone, either Dr. Karachunski, Dr. Whitley, or someone else from neurology to give us an idea of what was seen on the MRI or what has been seen with the EEG so far.

Please, someone just let me be……..

Also, the Bubble is spent.

That said, all of the nursing staff has been top notch with us, very attentive.  Also, the rooms are great with big windows, lots of space, large bathrooms, a 50″ TV, and a mechanical overlord.  They even cater some of the content on the TV directly to him, splashing his name on a few banners.

Tomorrow (God willing), we’ll get a shower/bath, have a good appointment with Dr. Zeigler (the neuropsychologist), and learn something from the exit interview with Dr. Utz and Dr. Whitley that we have scheduled at 3pm.  From there we’re going to donate some of the leftover food we had bought to make meals to the Ronald McDonald House, hopefully have a good night’s sleep, and make our way back to Dayton on Saturday.

I’m going to sign off of here for tonight unless we do see Dr. Karachunsky.

(UPDATE): Dr. Karachunsky did come by this evening to let us know that in his opinion these are seizures, and he is on a prescription of .25mg chlonazepam.  Because he felt that his opinion was not going to change overnight with the data they had already collected, he let us leave the hospital instead of staying over another night (it helped that Jefe was having a rough moment crying his little head off — we never did figure out his trouble, but he did quiet down and lay his head on me after about 5 minutes of wailing).  Another hour or so to get discharged, get the wires off his melon, and a cab ride back to the hotel, and he’s having a bit of yogurt, a bath, and a bed date with momma.

After getting the wires off and wearing that fishnet helmet for over a day or so, his hair now looks like a cross betwee Edward Scissorhands and Robert Smith from The Cure.

Now that I am back in the hotel and have a spare moment, I did a quick google search for some local ice cream.  Closest market closed at 10 (it is now 10:15).  THE SEARCH CONTINUES!

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One Response to Eye See You [Update: We’re OUT!]

  1. i hate the new icing says:

    even though it was after 10:15, you should go to the drive thru window, bang on it, and tell them you were there before 10, you want served, you want it for free, and you want the owners home or cell #

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