Exhausted, Hungry, Sore — Armand’s Got It Rough, As Well

I’m kinda tired, but realized I had updated our facebook page but not the blog. Armand had his G-Tube put in this morning, and spent most of the rest of the day alternating sleeping and crying in either pain, discomfort, wooziness, or possible thirst/hunger.

He doesn’t officially start feeds though the tube until tomorrow morning.

Copypasta from our facebook as I updated during the day:

11:53 AM – Armand is currently back in the OR having his G-Tube put in, shouldn’t be long. He’ll get IV nutrition today, and start the feeding through the tube tomorrow. Unfortunately, we’ll be here until some time Wednesday, which we were both completely unaware would happen. We could push for Tuesday night, but if there’s any complication at all we’ll be here until Wed. I hope there’s a shower. Adorable picture of him sleeping in the waiting room to soon follow.

Editor’s Note – Lindy took the pics, I have to get them from her before I post on either place.  Also, there is a shower.

2:23 PM – He pulled out his IV from his foot crying. Once it was out, he settled down, and didn’t even flinch when they put a new one in his hand. He’s resting comfortably in mom’s arms right now in recovery (we’ve been back here since around noon).

He had really only cried when Lindy wanted to shift because her arm fell asleep or something similar.  Then he’d be fine until she needed to shift again.  I looked down and saw, literally, a small puddle of blood on the floor, thinking “uh, that’s not right”.  The nurse checked, and sure enough the IV was out of his foot, despite a half roll of tape used to keep it in place.  The IV in his hand has been fine, however.

6:18 PM – We are in the room, The Bubble is resting comfortably. He woke up in some pain about an hour and a half ago, but some Tylenol helped him relax. Dr. Collins, Armand’s neuromuscular doctor who diagnosed him and coordinates everything here, came down for a visit and check on his condition, and seemed pretty happy with how things look.

Soon followed by visits from my brother and one of my Cincinnati friends, both of whom were big helps for us, even just by being here (thank you to you both).  He’s had occasional bouts of pain, and was given a shot of morphine which settled him right down.  He’s due for another bit of Tylenol around midnight, when they come to change his farrel bag (a bag that runs on part of the feeding tube to let gas out so he doesn’t get bloated).

Right now I’m watching the Olympics (what the heck is that bicycle race where they just go real slow for three laps then sprint the last one?  what’s the purpose of that?) as Armand and Mommy are snuggled up a bit in bed.  Can’t wait to see how he feels with a full belly and less anesthesia.

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