Om Nom Nom Nom – Just Without The Whole “Nom Nom” Part

They’re going to start Armand on feedings through the tube today (no soup for him yesterday), at first with a continuous feed working their way up to full volume for that, and then a bolus feed (ironically a word I just learned from my mom relative to something completely different) just to see how he takes it.  He’s gonna be on KetoCal formula with an additional powder for some extra carbs (we don’t want him going into ketosis).


bolus – the administration of a drug or compound to raise levels in the blood to an effective level.  With tube feeding, it’s basically the equivalent of having a meal.

ketosis – starving the body of carbohydrates until glucose levels are depleted, then the body turns to using fat for energy.  A ketogenic diet uses high fats and proteins, and sugar substitutes (like stevia) to treat seizures and for weight loss.  Atkins is an example of a ketogenic diet.

That out of the way, he slept okay for most of the night, waking up twice in need of some pain medication.  Very soon they will be in to explain more about home care, how he’ll feed, and getting him started.  He had some pain this morning, and they gave him a small dose of morphine.   It was adorable to watch him go from crying and flailing a bit to “whoah…  what’s….  this….   is nice…..”.

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2 Responses to Om Nom Nom Nom – Just Without The Whole “Nom Nom” Part

  1. Thinking of you always Armand and family. You will do just fine with feeding tube. Since Dustyn got his two months ago life has been great! We have already avoided two hospital visits. 🙂 We also have to avoid Ketosis I will be praying it works for you all as it does for us. ❤

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