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Keep Calm and Bubble On

We’ve actually had several days that have been seizure-free or nearly seizure-free. Armand woke up so happy and playful yesterday, had a great day at school (including the physical therapy work they do there), and was bright-eyed all day long. … Continue reading

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Ketosis, Osmosis, Halitosis,…

After last week’s adventures, Armand’s aunt (a NICU nurse) was able to help us “fix” his G-tube by performing her first “button” insertion, with no complications. We’re in the process of adjusting Armand’s feeding tube formula.  He has been on … Continue reading

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And To Top Things Off…

Just as I was getting Jefe out of the car to head inside to my apartment and relax for the evening before unpacking from the trip, his feeding tube got caught on something in his car seat, and literally popped … Continue reading

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So,…. You’re Having A Baby

Recently, I’ve had a few friends who have spawned some amazing children – happy, playful, learning, doing.  I see the pictures on facebook and twitter, and part of me hopes that they’re okay (EDIT: I don’t mean that another part … Continue reading

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In Layman’s Terms, Part Deux

Had to take some extra time to digest everything – I actually am not completely done but I wanted to get something out there. I’ll update as I research. NOTE: I signed up for a program called MyChart. This program … Continue reading

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Day Three

Ari took his time waking up again today, getting up just in time to leave for the hospital, and he seemed to be feeling much better.  As I had posted late on our facebook, he threw up a couple of … Continue reading

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Day Two

Our 100th post on this blog.  Thank you all for following our little man. Not a lot to say here.  Armand was pretty lethargic all day today, mildly upset here and there, but overall pretty quiet.

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