Day Two

Big yawns before bed time!

Our 100th post on this blog.  Thank you all for following our little man.

Not a lot to say here.  Armand was pretty lethargic all day today, mildly upset here and there, but overall pretty quiet.

We only had one appointment today, with Dr. Karachunski, the neurologist who diagnosed Armand’s episodes as seizures.  Armand did actually have his first episode in over 40 hours  just before the doctor came in.  It was a mild one that lasted only maybe 10 seconds, but he did cry afterwards and even closed his eyes for just a bit to sleep.  Dr. Karachunski listened to us tell him how he was doing, describing how his seizures have changed in the last three months, and how he is acting in school and at home.  We discussed his medication, which he was happy with, and that he was anxious to see the results of the tests tomorrow.

So, tomorrow is our big day here — Armand will have his MRI, lumbar puncture, and eye exam under sedation.  They will be doing the MRI “with contrast”, meaning a dye will be injected that will allow them to see if there is any inflammation, and also be able to compare it with further MRI tests.

I’ll be posting my thoughts as we go along to our facebook page tomorrow, and then a more complete post tomorrow evening.

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