And To Top Things Off…

If Armand could talk….

Just as I was getting Jefe out of the car to head inside to my apartment and relax for the evening before unpacking from the trip, his feeding tube got caught on something in his car seat, and literally popped out.

Armand didn’t make a peep, but I sure panicked.  I strapped him back in his car seat and we headed to Urgent Care, where I was then directed to the nearest emergency room.

After getting his vitals and heading back to a room in the ER at Sycamore Hospital, they figured out that they didn’t have a pediatric-sized feeding tube to put in — however, due to the quick healing nature of the stomach, we needed to get something in the stoma before it healed back up and he would need another surgery.   They did insert a catheter that has the same radial dimensions as his normal tube, it just looks way different.  It’ll do for overnight, but in the morning I will take him downtown to Children’s to get an Ari-sized “button” tube put back in.

Through all this, he was a brave stoic champ, until he had an episode close to the time we were leaving. That was kind of a last-straw moment for him, but once we got home he was quiet as could be.  He’s now resting just behind me with some fresh formula being pumped in.

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