Keep Calm and Bubble On

We’ve actually had several days that have been seizure-free or nearly seizure-free. Armand woke up so happy and playful yesterday, had a great day at school (including the physical therapy work they do there), and was bright-eyed all day long. So happy for days like this.

One other thing I’ve noticed is that his hands and body have seemed more relaxed.  He used to have a “kung-fu grip”, even when just sitting in the car.  Now, he seems to relax more, flexing his fingers more.  I hope this is a sign that he will regain some dexterity.

We’re usually grasping at straws to find something good in anything.

Today is “pajama-day” at school, and he’s going to wear his Superman PJ’s I’ve posted on here, complete with cape!

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2 Responses to Keep Calm and Bubble On

  1. Roger Huckaby says:

    He is such a sweet boy … we pray with you ,,, may God be with him … thanks for sharing his life with us

  2. Sylvia says:

    Wonderful news! So happy for Armand and mom and dad! Praying that these last few seizure free days continues into becoming normal!

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