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We’re finding out all sorts of ways Armand can be susceptible to seizures. We did know that if he was overly tired, that was a trigger. If he wasn’t properly hydrated, that was a trigger. Now we know that constipation can be a trigger. We also now know that a sinus infection can be a trigger. Apparently it just take a nudge off of his equilibrium to send him into a day of seizures.

He’s had a sinus infection for just about week; the first night we knew something was wrong he was having a rough, uncomfortable night. I let him sleep in my bed instead of taking him to his own, just so I could keep an eye on him. Around 1:30am or so, he began making noises that he was uncomfortable, shifting, whining — and then threw up. Luckily for me, he was facing the other direction. The stress of that, and whatever feeling of relief he felt by getting that all out finally put him to sleep. He did end up throwing up again the next morning. Lindy found out from the doctor that it was due to sinus drainage going down his throat. So he’s been on amoxicillin to clear that up.

Between the sleeping problems he’s had, his seizures, and his sinus infection, Armand’s missed a lot of school lately. He did get to attend yesterday, and from what I hear had a good day and his friends there were happy to see him.

If you follow our facebook, you know that we did some promotion of Armand and Rare Disease Day over the last month. If you don’t follow our facebook, well, now you know. Also, you should follow our facebook.

I have posted the audio of our visit with Kim Faris, Sen. Sherrod Brown, and Dr. Utz on LITE 94.5FM, but there is also video of my talk before the Dayton City Commission, and Lindy and I were on the local news for an in-studio interview. I am waiting to get a copy of that segment before I post them here.  Armand was with us for the in-studio interview, sort of.  He didn’t sleep that night until almost 8am, and our segment was at 8:45.  So he slept in my arms, on camera, just a little bundle of sweatshirt and sleepiness.  I think the only thing that could’ve topped it is if he had one of his big adorable yawns right in the middle.

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