Rare Disease Day Media (or, ARMAND’S ON TV LOOKIE LOOKIE!)

We finally have compiled video, audio, and links from our Rare Disease Day media.

First, Lindy was able to get WDTN Channel 2 (and Dayton’s CW!) to post the video of our interview on Rare Disease Day morning while Armand slept in my arms.

Next, we have my monologue in front of the Dayton City Commission, where we got the official proclamation of Rare Disease Day in Dayton. (begins at 1:02)

Randomly, I was able to find my talk from last year. At least this year I brought notes, so I’m getting better! (begins at 1:30)

Here is a repost of the Focus On Dayton on Rare Disease Day, with Kim Faris of LITE 94.5 FM, along with Sen. Brown and Dr. Utz.

Kim was also kind enough to feature Armand in her blog post on Rare Disease Day.

And lastly, Armand was featured in the end of February “Great In Dayton” update, with a blurb about Rare Disease Day and a link to Armand’s Hope.

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