Not Enough Sheep In The World

We’ve been going through a weird spell with Armand’s sleeping patterns. Part of this seems to be caused by the Lamictal medication he takes for his seizures, which has a side effect that it can make people hyperactive and restless. So sometimes he won’t go to sleep until 2am or later, occasionally even staying up all night long and into the next day.

This weekend, Armand stayed up for somewhere over 40 hours, finally going to sleep Saturday night around 4:30am after fits of lip biting, a small vomit, and a nice relaxing bath. This presented me with a nice conundrum — let him sleep until he wakes up, chancing that he’ll be up all night again tonight, or to wake him up late morning and chance that he’ll have a terrible day full of seizures from not enough sleep.

I chanced it and let him sleep, hoping maybe he’d sleep through until Monday morning, if early.


He woke up around 8:30pm tonight, in a little bit of a crabby mood.

But I’m trying a new method to get him to sleep better. We had been giving him melatonin to get to sleep, which works sometimes. The problem is, he gets it usually close to when we start his nighttime feeds, with the rest of his medication. So, in the spirit of trying something new, I held off on starting his feeding tube for the night until after midnight, giving him his melatonin around 9:30 on a semi-empty stomach (along with his zavesca, onfi, zantac, and minocycline; I saved his Ibuprofen and Lamictal for when his feed started). Letting that little bit digest through his system kept him relaxed, and now he’s already back to sleep tucked in bed.

*Happy Dance*

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