Day Zero

We’ve been quite blessed with outside help on our journeys to Minneapolis, especially with donations of flights from some anonymous donors. This time, however, our friends at SpectraJet helped us out by flying us in directly themselves in their company twin Cessna. I got to sit up front and act like a pilot while Lindy and Armand slept for part of the trip in back.


All went great until the very end during the descent it got bumpy, and by the time we landed Armand threw up his Mother’s Day gift all over Lindy’s hands.

From there things went smoothly. We had a taxi waiting for us to take us to the hotel, and I made my usual run to Target for groceries for the week (the hotel has a small kitchen so we can save some money by cooking instead of going out to eat all the time). Armand fell asleep quite early (although he woke up for a bit during the night).

Today we actually start with the neurpsych exam that typically occurrs on Friday, before meeting with Drs. Utz and Whitley later on. Tomorrow he’ll have his MRI / lumbar puncture / eye exam under sedation, etc.

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