Unhappy Pappy [Updated]

SAMSUNGFor the last several days since his school graduation, Armand’s been sick with some coughing and occasional vomiting.  He started getting a fever on Saturday night, and by Monday morning Lindy took him to his pediatrician.  She gave him a breathing treatment, and was not thrilled with his reaction, mostly how he had labored and noisy breathing; seeing that she sent Lindy to the emergency room at Dayton Children’s.  They did a bit of a work-up on him, for viral infection and strep, as well as a chest x-ray.  The strep came back negative, and the viral check had not come back yet when they discharged us in the evening with a prescription for albuterol for more breathing treatments.

Lindy had to give him more treaments last night, and even with Tylenol and Ibuprofen she couldn’t get his fever under control.  He threw up around 3:30 am and had to have his feeding tube turned off then, and threw up bile around 9am.  With his fever showing at 102, and a confirmation from the pediatrician, we’re back at the hospital where they gave us the news that his viral workup came back positive for bronchialitis with some pneumonia.  He’s being admitted for the time being for fluids, oxygen, antibiotics, and observation.

I’ll keep updating this post as the day goes on and we get new information.

[UPDATE 12:00]  We just got back from x-ray, waiting to hear on that.  With his antibiotics and fluids, his temperature is down 100.3.

[UPDATE 2:20] Heading out of the ER to a more permanent room.

[UPDATE 4:09] We’re finally settled into a private room, the resident has come to see him, all the admission questions asked, and he’s had a near-blowout poo.  Feeling okay so far.

[UPDATE 10:30] Hopefully he’s going to get some sleep tonight, but he’s wide awake now.  He’s had several seizures and threw up, but he’s had his nighttime meds and his feeding tube is on at a reduced rate so he can get something to “eat” (digest?).  He’s still on his oxygen, and we’ll be here 12 hours after they feel comfortable taking him off of it.  He’s such a trooper.

[UPDATE 10:35] Aaaaaaaaaaand just after I type that, he throws up. 😦

[UPDATE 7:00am 6/12/13] Rough night for CL Smooth from the standpoint of lip biting and sleep, and two seizures.  That said, his fever has gone down, and he’s been off oxygen since between midnight and 1am. If they feel comfortable with how he’s doing, we might be able to leave this afternoon.

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3 Responses to Unhappy Pappy [Updated]

  1. Leslie Dranschak says:

    We love you so much Armand!!! Hang in there buddy, sorry you are so sick. Sending prayers with all our love to you guys. Hang in there Tim & Lindy ❤

  2. Barb Manyen says:

    Hang tough, Armand, you are such a little fighter! My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends asking God to keep you positive and asking Him to wrap His healing hands around Armand!

  3. Pat Turner-Mahaney says:

    My prayers are with Armand.Lindy. God will watch over him.

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