If You Have A Special Needs Child….

….and are in need of a good proper stroller for them, visit the MacLaren website and check out the Major Elite push stroller. Use the code MAJOR to get 25% the chair and all accessories, good until the end of August.


Yep, it’s been a while since I posted, so….

In other news

* Armand broke his leg a couple of weeks ago.  It’s a “buckle fracture“, possibly caused by having a seizure while he was in his Mustang walker.  I actually caught the last 1/3 of it on video and have it uploaded to Armand’s YouTube page.  He never gave any indication of pain until the next morning.

Please ignore the music in the background.

15658_561968073859997_1052121955_n[1]This means that Armand won’ t be able to do any more walking in the Mustang until after his cast comes off, and even then he has to be cleared for weight bearing.

* We leave for Minneapolis again next week.  Good times.

* Armand also starts back to school the following week.  He will luckily be in the same class that he was in last year, at the same time with the same teacher.  Personally, I feel that this kind of stability will be great for him in the long run.  I actually have had a whole blog post on this brewing in my head for about a month or so right now, I just can’t seem to sit down and get it out.  Hopefully I’ll post it later this week.

* All in all, Armand’s had more good days than bad this summer.  If his sleep schedule would just settle down (at least once or twice a week, he’ll go the whole night and into the next day without sleep) and his seizures would come better under control (he’s down from 5 per day, every day, to 5-6 per day once a week and almost none the rest of the time), he’d be in great shape.  On his good days, we see a lot more wiggle, a lot more emotion, much better attention.

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