Charmed, I’m Sure

My family and I are attempting to start a larger-scale charitable organization based around helping fund research into treatments and cures for rare diseases, and helping parents, patients, and family members find these treatments.  The organization will be called the Elise Cook Foundation For Rare Disease Research, named after my great-grandmother who worked caring for sick children for most of her life.

We are attempting to get seed money for this through grants and donations, but also through sales of a special charm we have made up.

Hayes Medalion 1


On the front is a labyrinth, a symbol that appears to be a confusing maze, except that there are no stops or wrong turns, just a continuous winding path to the center, where you find your heart’s desire.  On the back is the phrase “To The Center For The Cure; 7000 Rare Diseases”.  The charms are approximately 1″ in diameter, and comes in two flavors: silver and pewter.  Prices and availability will soon be forthcoming, but I am sending this out to gauge interest from those who already follow Armand’s blog.  If you would like some or know of those who may, contact us through Armand’s facebook, or through armandshope at gmail.

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