I Just Have To Say…

I can’t say enough good things about how awesome Armand is doing.  He went nearly a month without a single major seizure (until around October 15th or so), and since then he’s only had a handful.  And that’s with being sick for several weeks with bronchitis and other assorted fevers and issues.  He’s been a ball of smiles and laughter with everyone around him, having a blast at school and at home.  He still has some sleepless nights, but he seems to be much more individually interactive, he’s making new sounds, being more active.

We had tossed around the idea of starting him on a higher dose of miglustat, but we haven’t done that yet.  We have, however, started him on a nightly dose of CBD, a substance that puts the “medical” in “medical marijuana”.  It’s not THC, it’s not weed, but it is derived from hemp (however, it is legal).  Lindy has been all over this from the get go as soon as she heard about the positive effects it can have on the CNN special that aired a couple months back.

For those reading nationally and internationally, please help me raise money for Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center by clicking this link by Saturday, November 2nd and make a donation.

For those reading locally, the same day, November 2nd, is the 5K Walk for Armand’s Hope in Lewisburg, OH.  Entry is only $20, proceeds go directly to help Armand.  We will also have for sale (or for order) the Medallions For Miracles that are helping us fund the new Elise Cook Foundation for Rare Disease Research.  You can get the form at http://www.tcncommunityassociation.com/5k-walk.

Oh, and Armand is going as Superman this year.  Or SuperMand.

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