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Article: Gene Therapy Coming of Age?

Experimental gene treatments are being used to treat neurodegenerative rare diseases. I’ve posted before about how viruses are being used to encode new, “corrected” genetic strands in patients with diseases of the brain.  Now, scientists are using these viruses to treat … Continue reading

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So,…. You’re Having A Baby

Recently, I’ve had a few friends who have spawned some amazing children – happy, playful, learning, doing.  I see the pictures on facebook and twitter, and part of me hopes that they’re okay (EDIT: I don’t mean that another part … Continue reading

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Day 1 in Review

After the dystonia*-induced sleepfest that was yesterday (we finished up at 7 episodes during the day, along with a couple minor ones overnight), today was much more awake and energetic.  He started eating a great meal (some eggs, avocado, blueberries, … Continue reading

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