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Days 1 & 2 In Review

Been quiet on the blogging front because for the most part a lot of this is old hat: fly, land, hotel, Target run for food, Day 1 meeting with Drs. Whitley and Utz, Day 2 meeting with neurologist, Day 3 … Continue reading

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Notes, Quotes, and Billy Goats

There was (maybe still is, I’m not sure) a sports columnist for the local newspaper by the name of Gary Nuhn. Fairly unremarkable, sort of a homeless man’s version of Rick Reilly, he had an occasional column that he called … Continue reading

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Day Three

Ari took his time waking up again today, getting up just in time to leave for the hospital, and he seemed to be feeling much better.  As I had posted late on our facebook, he threw up a couple of … Continue reading

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Day Two

Our 100th post on this blog.  Thank you all for following our little man. Not a lot to say here.  Armand was pretty lethargic all day today, mildly upset here and there, but overall pretty quiet.

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Day One

Hey, look, two posts in one day — assuming I finish this tonight.

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In Layman’s Terms

Without having the full extent of the results back (some of his major results like his enzyme and mucopolysaccharide* levels needed to be sent out to a special lab, could take a couple weeks to get them back), the news seems … Continue reading

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We’re Here.

We’ve arrived here in Minneapolis for the week of festivities. No major issues during the trip aside from my now annual tradition of having some sort of soap product open in my suitcase, coating my clothes in smell-goods (this year … Continue reading

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